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Forequarters Cuts

Blade Oyster | Marucha | USA Namp 114

Blade Oyster is located on the blade bone and it's complementary cartilage below the blade ridge and composed by the M. infraspinatus

Cube Roll | Bife Ancho sin Tapa | USA Namp 112

Cube roll is prepared from a spencer roll by removing the following muscles. M.trapezius thoracis, M. serratus dorsalis and M. latissimus dorsi.

Chuck Roll | Aguja | USA Namp 116

Chuck Roll is located in the dorsal region. Based on the four first dorsal hemi-vertebrae and their corresponding rib ends. Main muscle planes: M. trapezius thoracis, M. rhomboids.

Chuck Cover | Tapa de Aguja | USA Namp 116

Chuck Cover is a cut located in the scapular region. Based on the inner side of the scapula and it’s complementary cartilage.

Chingolo | Chuck Tender | USA Namp 116 B

Chuck Tender is a conical shaped muscle lying lateral to the blade bone on the cranial side of the blade ridge.

Shin | Brazuelo | USA Namp 117

Shin is located in the forearm, based on the humerus, ulna and radius, and corpus.
Main muscles are the M. biceps brachii.

Brisket | Pecho | USA Namp 120

Brisket is located in the sternal region based on the sternum and corresponding costal cartilages. The mais muscles are the M.M. pectoralli superficials and profunds

Shoulder Clod | Carranza de Paleta | USA Namp 114

Located in the arm (brachial) region, based on the humerus, scapula, ulna and radius. Main muscle planes: M. tensor antebrachii, M. anconaeus and M. cutaneus trunci.

Neck | Cogote

Located in the cervical region based on the cervical hemi-vertebrae except the atlas. It is composed by all the muscles from the neck.


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