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6020 Tongue

Prepared by removal of the hyoid bone, fat , connective tissue and regional lymph nodes. Graded according to wieght and color.

6060 Ckeek Meat Papillae off

Consists of the masseter muscles after removing the membranes and the mouth papillae.

6070 Tail

Consists on the bone-in tail

6080 Liver

Red abdominal offal prepared by removing the capsule, lymph nodes and fat deposits.

6090 Kidney

Red abdominal offal prepared by removing the kidney capsule. Ureter . blood vessels and fat.

6100 Heart

Red Thoracic offal prepared by removing the auriculae , valves and pericardium trimming the visceral fat.

6110 Sweetbread (Thymus Gland)

Sweetbread is the glandular part of the thymus gland from young animals. It is prepared by removing all the fat and adjacent connective tissues.

6120 Brains

Consist of both cerebral hemispheres, cerebellum and part of the spinal cord and is covered by the meninges.

6150 Triple (scalded)

It is the rumen prepared with or whithout the honeycomb, natural or bleached.

6152 Honeycomb

Separated from the Triple; can be prepared natural or bleached.

6240 Head Meat

Trimmings of the head and cheek meat after removing the lips and papillae.



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