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Inside | Nalga de adentro | USA Namp 168

Inside is situated caudal and medial to the femur bone and attached to the os coxae it is removed by following the natural seams between it and knucke and silverside. The pizze butt fibrous tissue ingunial lymph node and it’s surrounding fat are removed.

Top sirloin | Cuadril | USA Namp 184

Consist in a cut from the croup based on the coxis and the sacral hemivertebrae. Main muscle group upper portion of the biceps femoris, glutei medius, accesorius and profundus.

Rump cap | Tapa de cuadril | USA Namp 184

Rump cup consist in the upper and fore portion of the biceps femoris musclewhich covers the rump and is obtained by separating it along the natural seam from the rump.

Heart of ramp | Corazon de cuadril | USA Namp 184

Composed only by the gluteus medius.

Tri-tip | colita de cuadril |/ USA Namp 185

Consist in a cut from the fore portion of the thigh based on the tuber coxae and the edge of the ischium . it is composed by the M. tensor fasciale lata.

Striploin cap off | Cuadril sin tapa | USA Namp 185

Prepared by removing the upper portion of the M biceps femoris

Striploin | Bife angosto | USA Namp 180

Striploin is prepared from a pistola cut fy cutting at the lumbo sacral junction based on the lumbar and the ast 3 or 4 dorsal hemi-vertebrae. It is composed by the M. longissimus and multifidus dorsi.

Tender loin | Lomo | USA Namp 190 , 189 , 191

Tenderloin is removed from the ventral surface of the lumbar and last dorsal vertebrae and the lateral surface of the illium.

Eye round | Peceto | USA Namp 171

The eye round is prepared from the outside by following the natural seam between the outside flat and the eye round separating both muscles.

Outisde | Nalga de afuera | USA Namp 171

Outside is a cut consisting of the flat and the eye round. The heel muscle popliteal lymph node, sorrounding fat and connective tissue are removed.

Outside flat | Cuadrada | USA Namp 171

Outside flat is prepared by removing the eye round from an outside along the natural seam between both muscles.

Knuckle | Bola de Lomo | USA Namp 167

Knukle is a cut obtained from the forface of the hind-leg resting on the femur and the patella consisting of the cuadriceps femoris muscle

Flank stick | Bife de Vacio | USA Namp 193

Flank steak is the muscular portion of the rectus abdominis, after stripping the connective tissue from the muscle

Thin flank | Vacio | USA Namp 193

Thin flank is located on the abdominal side de composed by the abdominal wall. Main muscle planes.

Shin | Shank | Brazuelo | Garron | USA Namp 117

Shin is located in the foream based in the humerus ulna and radius and carpus. Main muscles are the M biceps brachii. M. coracobrachialis and carpal frexors and extensors
Shank is located in the leg region, based in the distal end of the femur, tibia, calcaneal tuber and tarsus. Main muscles are the flexor and extensor muscles of the hind leg and foot.

Heel muscle | Tortuguita | USA Namp 117

The heel muscle is located in the leg region and consist of the M. gastrocnemius and the M. flexor superficalis



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