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Narrawnose Smooth-Hound
Mustelus Schmitti
Narrawnose Smooth-hound | Blue sark sticks Narrawnose Smooth-hound | Blue sark sticks  

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Economic Importance

Narrownose smooth – hound is one of the most important regional species; during the last past years, more than 10,000 T have been captured annually, and has turned this animal to be the most exploited elasmobranch in the region. Its is earmarked for fresh consumption, either dried - salted and frozen or as creole cod.


Short head and snout. The internarial space is very narrow, it is smaller than or the same size as half of the length of the mouth. The inferior lobe of the tail fin is not expanded. The narrownose smooth – hound is also distinguishable by its color.

Fishing Methods

This species is mainly captured with bottom trawl nets.

Common Names

Gatuso, gatuzo (Spanish – Uruguay), Musola gatusa (Spanish – FAO), Narrownose smooth – hound (English), Emissole gatuso (French – FAO).


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